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Southern Word
Nashville, TN
Through words, all youth claim the power and hope to determine their future. Through the literary and performing arts, Southern Word offers creative solutions for youth to build literacy and presentation skills, reconnect to their education and to their lives, and act as leaders in the improvement of their communities. We are absolutely committed to providing youth, especially in underserved communities, with as many opportunities as possible to develop and publicly present their voices both live and in print, video, audio, and digital media.
Speak Out Now
Oakland, CA
SpeakOut is dedicated to the advancement of education, racial and social justice, cultural literacy, leadership development, and activism. A searchable online database of provides access to a network of over 100 speakers, artists, and strategic partners provide experiential learning opportunities through lectures, workshops, film screenings, performances and curriculum development.
Spiral Q Puppet Theater
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia’s Spiral Q Puppet Theater lives at the intersection of the arts and social justice communities. Working from the belief that freedom of speech is both an inalienable individual right and a collective responsibility, Spiral Q strives to use the age-old arts of puppet-making and theatrical pageantry as vehicles for social change.
Split This Rock
Washington, DC
Split This Rock calls poets to a greater role in public life and fosters a national network of socially engaged poets. Building the audience for poetry of provocation and witness from our home in the nation’s capital, we celebrate poetic diversity and the transformative power of the imagination.
Split This Rock Poetry Festival
Washington, DC
The Split This Rock Poetry Festival explores and celebrates the many ways that poetry can act as an agent for change: reaching across differences, considering personal and social responsibility, asserting the centrality of the right to free speech, bearing witness to the diversity and complexity of human experience through language, imagining a better world.
Springboard for the Arts
St. Paul, MN
Springboard for the Arts is an economic and community development organization in St. Paul MN that cultivates vibrant communities by connecting artists with the skills, information, and services they need to impact positive and sustained growth. Springboard for the Arts believes that artists are key contributors to community issues and develops programs and services to link artists to the work of municipal, civic, and community agencies and initiatives.
Square Inches of Love
Los Angeles, CA
A project everyone is invited to get involved with! OPeX studios, a child-centric architectural design company in Los Angeles, has initiated an innovative public exhibition project entitled Square Inches of Love, to weave the digital and physical worlds through the mediums of architecture and design into a demonstration of the effect the digital revolution and increased virtual world interactions are having on the very concept of “space” and its use.
St. Louis Regional Arts Commission
St. Louis, MO
The St. Louis Regional Arts Commission's mission is to support, foster and encourage art and culture/artists in the STL region.
St. Louis Regional Arts Commission/Community Arts Training (CAT) Institute
St. Louis, MO
The Regional Arts Commission was founded in 1985 to promote, encourage, and foster the arts and cultural institutions in St. Louis City and County and to contribute to the economic development of the area through a strong presence of the arts. The mission of the Regional Arts Commission is to create an environment that nurtures artists as well as arts and cultural organizations by:
Stanton Heights Steps Project
Pittsburgh, PA 15201-1652, PA
Our vision is to transform a set of Pittsburgh city steps -- at the gateway to Stanton Heights as you enter it from Lawrenceville -- into a magnificent mosaic work of public art. Artist Laura Jean McLaughlin has designed a whimsical, humorous, stunning image of diversity and nature that represents the essence of the neighborhood. The image will unfold on the outside of each of the 44 steps, and full image can be seen in one view. 
Starksboro Art & Soul
Starkboro, VT
Through the Art & Soul project, Starksboro has begun a process of identifying and protecting the people, places, and traditions that citizens treasure and that connect them to one another and to their town. The arts and storytelling will be used as a catalyst for collaborative, creative and deep explorations of the community’s values, hopes and fears to support residents in planning for their future.
Starling Project
Minneapolis, MN
Many storefronts on University Avenue are vacant, due in part to Central Corridor Light Rail construction. Increased vacancy rates create a downward spiral as the remaining businesses draw fewer customers. This has a negative impact on the surrounding community. We hope to help turn this cycle around, matching building owners of vacant spaces with people who are looking for “nesting” spaces – short-term opportunities to try out new businesses, galleries, or other types of workspace and event space.
Station Independent Projects
New York, NM
Station Independent Projects organizes exhibitions and events with a focus on artist advocacy. Station Independent Projects specializes in discovering new emerging and mid-career artists that are not represented by galleries and organizes shows to connect artists to broader audiences.  Before opening the gallery in the Lower East Side Station Independent Projects had organized exhibitions in the New York City area for over ten years with numerous New York galleries, art fairs and non-profits.
Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation
Philadelphia, PA
The Bartol Foundation believes in the intrinsic value of the arts to guide in understanding, interpreting and communicating core aspects of people's lives and community. The Foundation also believes in the value of arts to educate young people and build strong communities. All people have the right to be welcomed into arts practices and experiences that are high quality, relevant and accessible.
Storefront for Art and Architecture
New York, NY
Founded in 1982, Storefront for Art and Architecture is a nonprofit organization committed to the advancement of innovative positions in architecture, art and design. Our program of exhibitions, artists talks, film screenings, conferences and publications is intended to generate dialogue and collaboration across geographic, ideological and disciplinary boundaries. As a public forum for emerging voices, Storefront explores vital issues in art and architecture with the intent of increasing awareness of and interest in contemporary design.
Story Telling in the Public Interest
There are lots of examples of digital storytelling being applied to cultural and social challenges: working with communities, documenting projects, gathering stories, and celebrating events. Often, however, these initiatives are one-offs and lacking strategies to aggregate content, build capacities, grow networks, share knowledge, and sustain activity into the future. Storytelling in the Public Interest engages with these challenges. Our aim is to embed digital storytelling into the communications culture of the community, and environmental, arts, and health sectors.
Storycatchers Theatre
Chicago, IL
Storycatchers Theatre prepares young people to make thoughtful life choices through the process of writing, producing and performing original musical theatre inspired by personal stories. Since its inception in 1984, under the name of Music Theatre Workshop, the company has served thousands of young people through innovative programs that use the performing arts to promote change in the following areas: personal growth and self-knowledge; conflict resolution, peer relations and teamwork; healthier family interactions; and increased awareness of community issues and resources.
Street Sense Media
Washington, DC
Street Sense Media's mission is to end homelessness in the Washington, D.C. area by empowering people in need with the skills, tools, and confidence to succeed. Together we use a range of media platforms to raise awareness and spotlight solutions to homelessness in our community.
Street-Level Youth Media
Chicago, IL
Street Level Youth Media educates Chicago's urban youth in media arts and emerging technologies for use in self-expression, communication, and social change. Street Level's programs build critical thinking skills for young people who have been historically neglected by public policy makers and mass media. Using video and audio production, computer art and the Internet, Street-Level's youth address community issues, access advanced communication technology, and gain inclusion in our information-based society. This profile courtesy of Arts & Democracy.
Student Ambassador Program at Center Theatre Group
Los Angeles, CA
Center Theatre Group (CTG) is a place where artists, audiences, community members, and students and educators connect through the power of storytelling. Since 1967, our mission has been to serve the diverse audiences of Los Angeles by producing and presenting theatre of the highest caliber, by nurturing new artists, by attracting new audiences, and by developing youth outreach and arts education programs. This mission is based on a belief that the art of theatre is a cultural force with the capacity to transform the lives of individuals and society at large.