Teatro Fo/ teatro ambulante/ theater on wheels

Location:  Dallas, TX
United States
Project Description: 

"The theater is a call to not lose goodness and in addition to pointing out the causes of what happens, it also shows us that it is possible to change…" (Luis de Tavira).  Furthermore theater is born in the popular neighborhoods and cannot belong only to a section of the more privileged society. We intend to repeat and expand our project started in 2017: TEATRO FO/ teatro ambulante/ theater on wheel, is a theater that travels to under-served Dallas residents.  We have chosen areas of the city with low income population (West and South Dallas) area most used by Latino and African American communities. We propose to present original plays in 5 performances. These plays will be for all ages, in both Spanish and English. Following a sixteen century European old tradition of traveling theaters, we will perform in the style of “Commedia dell'Arte" using original leather Italian masks with appropriate props.  Four actors and two musicians will be part of the performances. One technician will assist the company.

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