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The Business of Art Center
Manitou Springs, CO
Our mission statement: To create an environment in which artists can flourish creatively and professionally in a mutually enriching relationship with their community. Services: Low-cost studio rental and exhibit opportunities for diverse communities of artists. Programs: Critique sessions, court-appointed community service opportunities, and education.
The Center for American Military Music Opportunities (CAMMO)
Alexandria, VA
CAMMO fosters and nurtures the musical talent of veterans and active duty service members by providing them with opportunities to train with professionals, to record, and to perform. CAMMO brings veterans together with industry experts and helps them work toward career opportunities they might otherwise never connect with.
The Center for Community Progess
Community Progress exists to help meet the growing need in America's cities and towns for effective, sustainable solutions to turn vacant, abandoned and problem properties into vibrant places. Community Progress works with public officials, agencies and civic groups to address immediate issues and concerns, to revise underlying policies and practices, to support effective prevention  or control of vacant properties, and to develop the strategies and tools that support sustainable re-use.
The CivicLab
Chicago, IL
The CivicLab is a space for educators, activists and practitioners of grassroots democracy to meet, do research, teach and build tools for accelerating civic engagement and community improvement projects. One of its major projects in 2013 was the TIF Illumination Project, which engaged over 2000 people in 20+ wards to demand more transparency in the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Program.
The Clothesline Project
Yarmouthport, MA
The Club at Collington Square
Baltimore , MD
The Club is an academic and community arts-based after school and summer camp program for youth ages 5 – 14 living in the Collington Square neighborhood of East Baltimore. Established in 2001, The Club offers a safe space to over 30 elementary and middle school students after school and throughout the summer. Although Club youth face a myriad of challenges, The Club works to provide the academic and emotional support they need to succeed. Our mission is to help shape strong, responsible, respectful, and successful youth through academic and arts programming.
The Clubhouse Network
Boston, MA
The Clubhouse Network is an international community of 100 Clubhouses located in 19 countries, providing youth with life-changing opportunities for over 22 years.Each Clubhouse provides a creative, safe, and free out-of-school learning environment where young people from underserved communities work with adult mentors to explore their own ideas, develop new skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology.
The Fledgling Fund
New York, NY
The Fledgling Fund seeks to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals, families, and communities by supporting innovative media projects that target entrenched social problems. We leverage our resources by funding projects around a cluster of issues that we believe are critical including: girls' empowerment and women's leadership, health and wellness, and systemic poverty, among others. In this way we can select media projects that not only highlight the complexity of these social problems but also offer solutions.
The Forum Project
New York, NY
The Forum Project (TFP) is a New York-based organization working through critical pedagogy, Theatre of the Oppressed and other creative methods to engage individuals and communities to deconstruct and dialogue about the oppressions we face and to develop creative tactics for liberation. TFP provides opportunities through which individuals and communities can explore and understand the world, their communities and their lives by providing workshops, performances, curriculum development and other custom services for your organization or community group.
The Forum Project's Performance Troupe
New York, NY
To invite The Forum Project's Performance Troupe to your community, group or classroom, please email Our Peformance Troupe has been working hard and is ready to take the stage! This performance will showcase several of the Performance Troupe’s scenes that engage audiences in critical dialogue about important social issues. Come ready to be entertained and challenged!
The Gabriella Foundation
Los Angeles, CA
We are The Gabriella Foundation. Our Mission is to transform the lives of underserved youth in Los Angeles through high quality dance instruction. We work toward Mission fulfillment through living, breathing values of igniting passion and fostering empowerment, shaping excellence with care, forging a supportive community, and committing to integrity and accountability. 
The Heart of Arab America: A Middle School Perspective
Dearborn, MI
This year’s seventh graders – 12 and 13 years old – are the first Americans to grow up with no memory of time before the searing events of Sept. 11, 2001. As the country approaches the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks this fall, a class of middle school journalism students from McCollough-Unis School in Dearborn invites the public to share the stories of their lives and their community by viewing an exhibition at the Arab American National Museum. Of the 29 students in the public school class, 28 are Arab American.
The HUNGER Project
Philadelphia, PA
HUNGER, PHILADELPHIA is a site-specific, three-phase project.The piece draws from the use of kaolin (a kind of clay), which is used within various cultures for nutrition in the absence of other food sources and examines hunger from a global perspective while responding and contributing to the local community hosting its art-exhibition phase. McCracken draws attention to the need for nutritious food sources for indigent populations within our own community and educates youth about proper nutrition.
The Institute for Photographic Empowerment
Venice, CA
The mission of the Institute for Photographic Empowerment (IPE) is to support the study and practice of participant–produced documentary projects in photography, film, and digital media. The Institute is a resource for people from around the globe—photographers, filmmakers, academics, researchers, and project participants—to share ideas, learn from one another, and develop the field.
The Laramie Project
New York, NY
The Laramie Project is a play created by Moisés Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theater Project in reaction to the brutal 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming. In what is widely believed to have been a homophobic hate crime, Matthew Shepard was kidnapped, beaten, and tied to a fencepost, where he was left to die. The Tectonic Theater Project traveled to Laramie a month after the murder. Over the course of the next year, company members conducted more than 200 interviews with residents of the town.
The Learning Hub
Worcester, MA
The Learning Hub is focused on creating a network of STEAM resources for K-6 children. We offer low cost tutoring and free Maker STEAM classes at your local library to broaden learning opportunities. From paint labs, food sustainability lessons, writing workshops and science experiments, we are constantly inventing ways to enhance a child's interest in learning.   ​ Our mission is to revitalize the local libraries and increase access of educational supplements for students and families despite financial standings.
The Living Well
Baltimore, MD
The Living Well is an urban sanctuary designed to provide a living space for community consumption. Our menu of offerings represent entrees from a variety of living arts services such as dance, music, djembe drumming, self defense, financial wellness, information and dialogue circles. A collective of community practitioners and agents of change offer passionate, focused and progressive forums for individual/community growth and development. We are dedicated to individual and community change by way of:
The Lynch Quilts Project
Indianapolis, IN
The Lynch Quilts Project is a community based effort, which examines the history and ramifications of racial violence, especially lynching, in the United States of America through the textile tradition of quilting. Join us in weaving a new future towards memory, community healing and social justice - past and present.
The Medea Project
San Francisco, CA
The Media Project is organized by The Culture Odyssey, an organization that supports the creative practices of Rhodessa Jones and her Co-Artistic Director Idris Achamoor. The project creates performances for womens prisons that are intended to serve as a method of rehabilitation and awareness of what their lives are like behind bars. Jones created this project to show the public how women are treated during their time served and the feelings they have about themselves and the outside world. 
The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Washington, DC
The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation is the largest private, independent, local Foundation focused exclusively on the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The Foundation is the legacy of Morris Cafritz, one of Washington’s leading commercial and residential builders from the early 1920’s to the mid-60’s. An outstanding civic leader known for his generosity, Morris Cafritz established the Foundation in 1948.