Patricia Gooding

Location:  Ithaca, NY
United States
Project Description: 

Fostering Climate Resilience Through the Arts

(Just starting)

Part of a NYS Cooperative Extension Climate Stewards training program, this 2022 project will work with a middle school Climate Action team to create an arts-based exhibit or performance, to be featured at a late June Conference for Water Protection/Reggae Festival Art Village. This "village" will combine local climate change information with film/video showings, music by local non-professional musicians, open-mic poetry readings, a participatory collage mural, workshop on visual story telling, workshop on climate anxiety, dance performance, and other activities.

The project is the first step in an effort to invite planners, decision-makers, and community members to recognize the power of the arts to open new ways of thinking and feeling, and building resilience,  in individual as well as community lives.

Major inspiration from Julia Bentz' Learning About Climate Change In, With and Through Art; and the U.S. Water Alliance artist in residence program <>