Mapping Baybrook

Location:  Baltimore, MD
United States
Project Description: 

Mapping Baybrook is an interdisciplinary exploration of place that uses digital mapping to illustrate research on the culture of art and history in an industrial community in Baltimore, Maryland referred to as Baybrook—a merging of the names of two neighborhoods, Brooklyn and Curtis Bay. This community is a mix of diverse but connected neighborhoods located along the southeast coastline of Baltimore City. The Greater Baybrook area includes the past and present neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Curtis Bay, Fairfield, Hawkin’s Point, Masonville, and Wagner’s Point. The story of Greater Baybrook reflects the tenacity of a community striving for sustainability in the period of U.S. post-industrialization.

Mapping Baybrook is a collaborative project of Professors Steve Bradley (Visual Arts, UMBC) and Nicole King (American Studies, UMBC) with the Imaging Research Center (IRC) at UMBC.

This project has been supported by a Dresher Center for the Humanities Summer Faculty Fellowship, 2010; an Imaging Research Center/College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences IRC/CAHSS Summer Fellowship, 2011; and a Breaking Ground Grant all from UMBC.