Yellow House


577 King Street
Jacksonville, FL32204
United States
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Arts Organization
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Yellow House is a place where art + action creates change. The space serves as a catalyst for personal and collective growth by displaying thought-provoking exhibitions, hosting public events, and promoting community dialogue. Yellow House will explore topics as varied as racial and gender equity, universal human rights, environmental sustainability, and the untold stories of people and neighborhoods that have shaped our history. Yellow House is more than a physical space; it is a hub for educational outreach and collaborations among artists, writers, organizations, and communities.

Yellow House fulfills its mission through curation of socially-engaged exhibitions, activism, educational programs, and direct action in neighborhoods.  For a deeper dive into specific programs and services, visit our website at

AT THE HEART OF YELLOW HOUSE SIT THE FOLLOWING BELIEFS: ARTS AND HUMANITIES ARE VITAL to creating a more socially connected, cohesive, and just world.

PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT in arts programming builds bridges between people, provides a platform for free expression, and gives voice to the creative assets in a community.

INCLUSIVITY AND ACCESS mean truly representing the diversity of the Jacksonville community in the artists we work with, the audiences we attract, the partners and individuals who shape the organization, the vendors we hire, and the art and stories we lift up.

LISTENING AND LEARNING are important to the practice of art as social action and, when done authentically, will guide the work.

SAFE AND BRAVE SPACES foster free expression, the creation of socially relevant art, and the process of building relationships.

ARTISTS ARE IMPORTANT partners in creating a better community when they are valued and fully integrated into civic discourse.

ART MAKING IS ESSENTIAL to well-being and becomes more valuable when it leaves its pedestal to become part of one’s everyday life.

COLLABORATION provides a more meaningful, artful, and joyful way for cultural institutions, social justice organizations, and artists to fulfill their missions of positive transformation.

ARTS AMPLIFY UNTOLD-STORIES, honor a diversity of lived experiences, and bring together unconnected people and communities.