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Community / Non-Arts Organization
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My Daily Constitution started as a public art project by Linda Pollack, as her contribution in the exhibition “Democracy When?” at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in Hollywood in May, 2002. It was a response to the political and cultural climate in the United States after the initial shock of 9/11 and the passage of the USA Patriot Act. The project is based on the premise that our laws affect our daily lives and culture; what is needed at this moment is a collective dialogue to interpret them. My Daily Constitution brings together innovators, the People, and the U.S. Constitution, providing an opportunity for the U.S. Constitution to be brought to life through Constitution Cafés and other programming. Creating a series of discussions (free and open to the public, complimentary copy of the Constitution included) about our laws and our U.S. Constitution in different settings (cafes, libraries, theatres) of different cities across the country, scholars, authors, activists, lawyers, and professors lead participatory dialogues. The series has been held in Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, New York City, Claremont Ca, and Seattle. Outside of the U.S., My Daily Constitution has been held in Wroclaw, and Gdansk Poland, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the founding of Solidarity, the Polish trade union federation founded at the Gdansk Shipyard, and originally led by Lech Walesa. This profile courtesy of Arts & Democracy.

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