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Arts Organization
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ARTEFACTING is a 501 (c)3 non-profit urban regeneration initiative that creates and curates public art projects as a vehicle to vitalize culture and stimulate social cohesion & capital.

We facilitate and create inclusive cultural productions in communities worldwide. Participants and collaborators are brought together to construct a dialogue of progress and identify commonalities through a creative process that aims to build social capital and social cohesion; conditions that revitalize and regenerate. 

Out of this process come “Artefacts” (art, performances, photographs, film, exhibitions, etc.) that materialize and reinforce the stories, issues and cultures of a people and place. These “Artefacts” unify the creators and provide understanding to outside audiences. Ultimately our inclusive cultural productions aim to transform people into resources that can benefit themselves, their communities and their cities. 


We believe people are the central asset and key resource to their own revitalization and regeneration. Revitalization and regeneration occur through activities that create value and cultivate the minds and souls of individuals. These are means to activating people as producers of their own culture.

3 Rs

+ RETHINK using “Artefacts” and the process of their creation to produce new perspective and insight
+ REVITALIZE by stimulating and catalyzing individuals and communities to be collaborative producers
+ REGENERATE by catalyzing culture, people and place through the activation of public spaces & production of art that bolster sense of place, identity, and self esteem