Developmental Evaluation Primer

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Jamie A. A. Gamble

This short book defines developmental evaluation and addresses some myths. Offering an alternative approach to linear logic of traditional methods, developmental evaluation supports the process of innovation within an organization and its activities. The book outlines developmental evaluation's uses in innovation and developing project ideas and defends the approach's credibility. It is an appropriate resource for organizations that work in an innovative manner and thus seems tailored to arts organizations. Developmental evaluation can be used for observing process, making quick changes, and problem solving. The book indirectly validates the creative process because of how it is designed. The item is more an explanation with philosophical underpinnings than a how-to guide. It may be useful as background material as it would give arts practitioners confidence to use this approach (which may be their natural inclination anyway). The preface by is written by a foremost expert in this field, Michael Quinn Patton. Useful figures and tables are included.

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