Art and Soul Project Community Survey, Starksboro, VT, Orton Family Foundation

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Chris Dwyer
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This item relates to the Preliminary Menu of Possible Outcomes/Indicators/Measures from the Starksboro Art and Soul Project, as both are part of the Art and Soul Project. This item is a ten page community survey with thirty questions. The survey is an adaptation of a standard survey developed by the Orton Family Foundation to use in tracking changes in perceptions about land use planning in all their Heart and Soul community projects. The Preliminary Menu is a table relating outcomes, indicators, and data collection methods for the Art and Soul Project.)  The the final portion of the survey relates specifically to the Art and Soul Project: it asks how much people know about the project, what their vision and goals are, and how involved they may wish to be. Visually pleasing but rather lengthy, this is a nice sample instrument. Complete information about the project in which the survey was used is found at: The first questions are basic biographical/demographic items. The next four questions relate to land use perceptions and participants' willingness to get involved in the issue. The next three questions ask participants to check off boxes relating to their how much information they take in about community planning and how they communicate their concerns. Three questions are about participants' perceptions of how well the community and its leadership are doing with the issues at hand.

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