Partners In Action Program

United States
Project Description: 

Partners in Action is a program that gives Alternate ROOTS the opportunity to manifest more deeply its mission to support progressive artists working in grassroots communities throughout the fourteen states of the South. It offers artists and community partners the vital support and resources needed to do their work at a higher level. ROOTS’ interest is to be a third partner with cultural organizing projects in order to help bring about social justice. ROOTS seeks applications from artists and their community partners in urban and rural areas who together have identified specific actions, issues, challenges, activities, or opportunities that, with more support, both human and material, are ready to be activated.

Partners in Action builds equitable and reciprocal partnerships between artists, cultural organizers, and grassroots communities. It fosters relationships that, through local actions, projects and activities, connect social justice issues and policies to social and economic justice and practice. The essence of the program is that it illuminates the centrality of cultural organizing as a major tool for grassroots organizing in communities throughout the region. Through Partners in Action, we seek to build effective partnerships in pursuit of individual and community transformation.

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