Media and Public Service Program

Location:  Medford, MA
Project Description: 

The mission of the MPS Program is to give all Tufts students the media tools and resources that will prepare them for lifetimes of active citizenship and service to society. The Program blends the capabilities of a university-wide civic education initiative and a robust undergraduate media studies program. MPS reaches across the campus bringing Tufts faculty and students together with community members and activists. The MPS program teaches active citizenship by elevating the dialogue on campus about important public issues and demonstrating the power of media productions and events to create an institutional culture of civic discourse. MPS Director Julie Dobrow says, "Our program gives students ways to combine their interest in media and their dedication to public service through a combination of intensive academic courses, hands-on skills and internships." Dean Rob Hollister adds, "Tisch College is committed to preparing students for lifetimes of active citizenship, and we regard media literacy as a core civic skill." The films and other media materials MPS students develop are widely shared through submission to student film festivals, broadcast on Tufts TV (TUTV), local cable channels, and ultimately streamed on the web. MPS plans to develop a website that will disseminate student work and experiences, and help with outreach to media and non-profit organizations. MPS is a national model for building upon the interest and energy students bring to media, teaching them to use it for positive social change, and engaging them in civic and advocacy projects.