Markus Tracy

Location:  Sisseton, South Dakota, SD
United States
Project Description: 

In May of 2017, Tracy’s artist-in-residence work was supported by the Sisseton Arts Council and the South Dakota Arts Council. Tracy constructed an art installation at the abandoned 1939 Art Deco Siston Theater in Sisseton South Dakota. The first objective was to create the illusion or a kind of prop displaying a working theater as part of the installation. Once the Siston Theater looked and seemed like a working theater, Tracy began constructing the installation which involved an “inside-out” experience using a light sensitive screens applied to the doors and windows of the Siston Theater. Projectors were installed in the lobby to project images and text to be seen from the outside. Digital images consisted of paintings, photography, statements, and poetry from students, local artists, and the community. These digital images reflected a personal level as well as reflect the community as a whole. Topics on culture, customs, identity, history, and the natural landscape reflected the community of Sisseton and the Lake Traverse Reservation.  


Special thanks to artist Nicholas Blaske for helping out with all things digital and the community in helping out tirelessly in the restoration of the Siston Theater.

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