Carrie Boucher

Artist Statement: 

Artist Carrie Boucher believes that creative making is an essential part of human expression and through her current work she explores the fundamental questions around who has access to art programming, and why disparities exist. In her current work, the NOMAD Art Bus Project, she attempts to address that inequity through her own direct action, as well as through inspiring & empowering a network of creative support around those who lack access.

After graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Boucher spent a decade working as a metalsmith in Chicago, supplementing her income doing store window displays, shooting product photos and substitute teaching in inner-city public schools. In 2011 she returned to Tampa Bay and accepted a one year position as an art teacher in a K-6 setting, an experience that inspired her transition into social practice art and her current work in progress, NOMADstudio: The Art Bus Project.


PO Box 782
St Petersburg, FL33731
United States