CrossCurrents Foundation


3220 N Street NW #162
Washington, DC20007
Organization Type: 
Public or Private Sector: 
Type of Funding Agency: 
Family Foundation
Type of Support: 
General Grantmaking
Individual Artists
Arts Organizations
Community and Social Justice Organizations
Total Funds Granted for Arts for Change Activity: 
$2 000 000
Restrictions on Grantmaking: 
No restrictions listed.
Programs and Services: 

The CrossCurrents Foundation was established in late 2006 to promote social, environmental and economic justice. The work of the Foundation is rooted in the idea that there are times when ordinary people can make significant change if advocates for change have sufficient resources to engage in civic activities. CrossCurrents focuses where it believes private funding can make a strategic difference to community organizing and public education campaigns. CrossCurrents laser-focused on civic engagement. We invest our grantmaking resources in strengthening the capacity of non-profit advocacy organizations to have a voice through voter engagement and broad based civic participation. We believe that voice will lead to a more just and sustainable environment and improve the ability of community organizations to address crucial problem areas such as health care reform. CrossCurrents is also keenly interested in supporting emerging artists whose work contributes to a more just society.