Trend Papers by Topic

Working Guide Trend Papers are a growing collection of new and extant papers by leaders in and chroniclers of the field.  Papers offer snapshot descriptions of various types of arts for change work within the arts, community development, civic engagement, and social justice fields, as well as work focused on particular issues.


Participatory Democracy

Social / Justice / Practice: Exploring the Role of Artists in Creating a More Just and Social Public

by Lori Lobenstine

Participatory Art-Making and Civic Engagement

by Ferdinand Lewis

Playing for Good: The Arts in Planning and Government

by Jon Catherwood-Ginn and Bob Leonard

Cultural Organizing: Experiences at the Intersection of Art and Activism 

by Javiera Benavente with Rebecca Lena Richardson


Dance and Civic Engagement

by Paloma McGregor



American Orchestras: Making a Difference for Our Communities

by Polly Kahn


Popular Musicians as Allies in Social Change

by Erin Potts


Contemporary Art

Socially Engaged Contemporary Art

by Nato Thompson


Issues & Settings

Art in Service: Supporting the Military Community and Changing the Public Narrative

by Maranatha Bivens

Environmental Art

by Sam Bower

Immigration: Arts, Culture and Media 2010 / A Creative Change Report

by The Opportunity Agenda

Arts in Corrections

by Grady Hillman

Arts in Healthcare: 2009 State of the Field Report

by The Society for the Arts in Healthcare

History Organizations and Engagement

by Pam Korza and Barbara Schaffer Bacon with the Heritage Philadelphia Program

Publicly Engaged Scholarship in the Humanities, Arts, and Design

by Jamie Haft


Popular Culture

Comedy and Democracy: The Role of Humor in Social Justice

by Nancy Goldman

Popular Musicians as Allies in Social Change

by Erin Potts

Media for Creative Change: The Role of Popular Media in Advancing Social Change

by Sarah Ingersoll


Media Arts

Open Space Documentary

by Helen De Michiel

A Youth Media Agenda for Social Justice

by Diana Coryat 

Media for Creative Change: The Role of Popular Media in Advancing Social Change 

by Sarah Ingersoll



The All-Ages Music Movement: How It Impacts Culture, Civic Engagement, and Leadership

by Shannon Stewart

A Youth Media Agenda for Social Justice

by Diana Coryat

Community Centered Arts & Culture

Folk and Traditional Arts and Social Change

by Betsy Peterson

Building Worlds Together: The Many Functions and Forms of Arts and Community Development

by Lyz Crane

Arts-based Community Development:  Mapping the Terrain

by William Cleveland

Community Arts at Work Across the U.S. 

by Linda Frye Burnham

The Spirit of Sovereignty Woven into the Fabric of Tribal Communities: Culture Bearers As Agents of Change

by Lori Pourier (Oglala Lakota)


Echoes of the Earth in Times of Climate Change: Native American Artists’ and Culture Bearers’ Knowledge and Perspectives

by Edward Wemytewa


Microfest: New Orleans

MicroFest: Artists Spotlighting the World As It Is and the World As It Should/Could Be

by Carol Bebelle

Three Lenses on MicroFest USA: Intentions, Values, and Prepositions

by Gerard Stropnicky

Art and Community Development - New Orleans Style

by Erik Takeshita


Microfest: Appalachia

Microfest: Democratic Arts in Appalachia's Coal Country 

by Mark W. Kidd

Creative Engagement and a Moral Economy in Appalachia

by Caron Atlas


Microfest: Detroit

Making Art, Making Detroit, Making a Difference

by Eddie B. Allen, Jr.

Re-imagining Revitalization: Thoughts on MicroFest: Detroit

by Michael Premo


Microfest: USA

MicroFest: USA | A synthesis of learning about art, culture & place

by Pam Korza

A Community of Practice: NET Learning in Place

by Gerard Stropnicky


Microfest: Honolulu

MicroFest: Honolulu - Theater and Society in the Center of the Sea

by Sonny Ganaden

In Praise of Context - MicroFest: Hawai`i and the Expansiveness of Ensemble Theater

by Jan Cohen-Cruz


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