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SenseMaker uses the art of storytelling via collecting and analyzing micro-narratives to quantitatively inform researchers about human experience and social issues while also providing explanatory narrative. Animating Democracy observes that SenseMaker can be a useful evaluation tool for arts practitioners seeking to understand social change.

SenseMaker is a pattern detection software that uses micro-narratives, verbal or written, to make sense of complex data. Respondents interpret their own micro-narratives into a series of abstract constructs that feel more like a game than a survey, but allow profound meaning to emerge. This interpretation adds layers of meaning that is aggregated by the SenseMaker tool, providing the researcher, artist, or practitioner with quantitative data rather than personal interpretation.

SenseMaker has provided a new approach to evidence based policy under conditions of uncertainty as well as real time decision support. The output of SenseMaker is statistical data backed up by explanatory narrative. This means that advocacy is an integral part of the system.

The attached link is to SenseMaker’s main website and includes basic information about the product. For a more comprehensive list of practical applications, methods, online courses, and examples visit Cognitive Edge Network.

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