See, Say Feel, Do

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June 2014
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See, Say, Feel, Do from Fenton Communications helps practitioners track the performance of their communications and marketing tactics against the broader goals of their project or organization by using four discrete metrics. The first metric, “do” reflects a project’s intended outcome or participant outcome; the second “see” metric indicates audience exposure; and finally, the “say” and “feel” metrics refer to two distinct stages of audience engagement. This four metrics model seeks to answer the following questions:


  • Who is engaging?
  • What are they responding to?
  • What are they saying?
  • What does it mean?


As the possibilities for audience engagement increase for social justice and arts practitioners, Animating Democracy observes that measuring the impact of this engagement is particularly critical. This guide goes beyond many communications assessments and demonstrates how audience engagement is integral to understanding media impact. The model forces the practitioner to clearly define desired outcomes and returns, and to assess all marketing ventures through that lens. In doing so, data is contextualized within the mission of the project.


The final two pages of the guide contain a sample metrics report, and a blank report which practitioners are invited to use for regular reporting of their projects.

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