Preliminary Menu of Possible Outcomes/Indicators/Measures from the Starksboro Art and Soul Project, Orton Family Foundation

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Chris Dwyer
RMC Research
Animating Democracy resource
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The Preliminary Menu encompasses process outcomes (short-term), intermediate outcomes (during the life of the project), and impact (long-term, post-project results) for the Art & Soul Project in Starksboro, VT. Community members and researcher/evaluator Chris Dwyer used the worksheet to clarify what to measure and how. The format illuminates indicators of progress over time; it also includes a blank worksheet.  The Art & Soul Project aims to improve upon traditional approaches to planning and help the community make better decisions by getting in touch with deeper community values and connections to place. The project has three parts: gathering stories (by a Middlebury College class) from a variety of residents about what they value about their community; taking those stories and engaging the community in developing art, with the help of artist-in-residence Matthew Perry; taking action by creating or changing concrete actions, policies, and choices for the town. Art & Soul’s desired outcomes include: Art & Soul project is seen as valuable by community members; the "product" of artist-in-residence is meaningful to the community residents; new capacities are developed in the community to engage diverse voices in planning and address potentially polarizing issues; enhanced sense of efficacy on the part of elected/appointed officials regarding community improvement; increased confidence on the part of the citizenry about the future of the town; successful transfer to the next generation of community leadership for planning; greater social capital in the community including new roles at play; arts are viewed as a viable way to enhance diversity of community engagement in planning and resolving issues. Other helpful and related items include the Starksboro Art & Soul Community Survey and the Art & Soul Evaluation Plan.

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