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Point K Learning Center ("Point K"), a website and online workstation, was created by Innovation Network (Innonet), a leader in the participatory evaluation field and one of the first to make online tools available that could be used by smaller as well as larger organizations. Point K features practical tools and resources for nonprofit planning, evaluation and action. It is a major part of Innonet’s mission of sharing know-how to create lasting social change. Point K aims to help users assess strengths, articulate goals, use data and better tell the organization’s story. Additional evaluation support is available through Innonet’s consulting and training practice. Point K tries to be practical: created by a nonprofit organization, it has grown out of 15 years of experience working with other nonprofits to train and assist them in planning and evaluation work, and in fitting that work into the day-to-day running of an organization. Point K fosters networking and collaboration. Users can invite people from their own organization or colleagues from across the county to review and comment on their work. The site consists of three main areas: Organizational Assessment Tool (OAT), Logic Model Builder (LMB) and Evaluation Plan Builder (EPB). It includes workbooks, tip sheets, reports, articles and links. Main areas addressed include Advocacy Evaluation, Capacity Building and Program Evaluation. Additional resources on the site include databases for advocacy evaluation, capacity building and program evaluation; information on evaluation events; and step-by-step guides to using the site. The user must create an organization and project in order to use this website, and that the project must be approved by Innonet before access to the tools is given.

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