Evaluation Tools for Racial Equity

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This website is a good resource for individuals and community groups working for change in their communities, specifically with issues relating to race and racial equity. The site is written for users who are new to evaluation -or perhaps those who give funds related to racial equity, but who are not yet clear on how to evaluate it. The site discusses how to apply a “racialized” perspective to evaluation, meaning using the ideas of racism, oppression, privilege and access to power as a lens through which evaluation questions are developed and results are analyzed. The site is organized around the typical stages of evaluation: Getting Ready, Defining Your Work, Designing: Developing Evaluation Design and Plan, Collecting Information: Finding and Collecting Data, Analyzing: Examining and Interpreting Evaluation Information, Sharing Findings: Sharing Outcome Information and Evaluation Findings, and Reflecting: Ways Evaluation Findings Can Improve the Work. Each of these sections covers several areas, with guiding questions for each one, raising issues for the evaluation team to consider. Each section also includes links to resources, tools-including worksheets and questionnaires to be used by the evaluators, and 28 pdf tip sheets. A glossary for racial equity and common evaluation terms is also included. Most of the tools, resources, and tip sheets are focused on evaluation and not necessarily designed to focus on race or racial equity. Stories are also used as real life examples on ways certain groups have used the evaluation techniques in their racial equity and inclusion work. Indicators are addressed in section 2a. Defining Your Work: Outcomes You Want to Achieve, and specifically in the Tip Sheet “What Is An Outcome and What Is An Outcome Indicator?”

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