Cultural Planning Toolkit: Integrating Community and Cultural Planning

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Creative City Network of Canada

This PDF is related to two resources: (1) the Cultural Planning Toolkit, and (2) a related Web Resource . The related web resource on integrating cultural and community planning offers more of an overview and is only nine pages long. It opens with a series of nice, concise definitions of cultural planning and some related terms. It also makes the case for why these two, closely-related forms of planning ought to be considered together as they are already “joined up.” The second page presents a lovely diagram on opportunities to support successful integration of cultural and community planning. It has four components – build effective leadership for culture, establish a strong case for the contribution of culture, put the community into community and cultural planning, and build a strong partnership for culture and community – fueling the central element of integrating community and cultural planning. The resource then presents the benefits of this integration and the considerations in concise list form. It refers readers to three other resources for actual guidance in the integration process. It then gives a two page checklist for monitoring and evaluating integration designed around Identifying Definitions and Information Needs, Consultation, Partnerships, Leadership, Integration, and Monitoring and Evaluation. After the checklist, the final aspect is a really good list of indicators of progress towards integration, arranged around elements of awareness, vision and relationships, commitment and development, and actual integration.

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