Cultural Mapping Toolkit

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2010 Legacies Now and Creative City Network of Canada

This user-friendly, 94-page toolkit is entirely about cultural mapping and the process involved in doing it. Cultural mapping provides a basis for evaluation of arts initiatives, in particular arts-based civic engagement projects, and it also relates to the concept of social capital. This is a visually strong, beautifully laid out resource with many applications to arts and civic engagement work. Relevant questions to ask and uses of maps are addressed in a way that would relate to evaluation. The easy to follow guide takes a community through the entire mapping process, from creating an inventory, to drawing up and presenting a map. The process has been broken down into stages and steps, accompanied by examples, checklists, and worksheets. After an introduction that explains cultural mapping and its importance, the toolkit presents six stages in the process. Stage one, planning, involves determining objectives (with the community), obtaining buy-in Useful appendices include background information in cultural mapping, links for sample maps, interactive sample tools, and references.

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