Crossroads Fund Social Movement Development Model

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Social Movement Development Model
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May 2013
Social Movement Development Working Group
Crossroads Fund

The Social Movement Development Model is one way that the Crossroads Fund articulates progress toward transformation made by grantees and by Foundation investments. The model informs the grant selection process, grantee evaluation and reporting, and aggregate grant investments. The model was created by an evaluation working group and piloted with a cohort of grantees. It is intended to structure a conversation among potential and current grantees as well as other groups interested in organizing for social change. This PDF includes:

  • context and detailed information on the four transformation areas (cultural, community, institutional and sustainable) and the five capacity areas (communication, leadership, strategic, research and infrastructure)
  • Tranformation Self Assessment Quiz
  • Social Movement Developmental Model - planning document
  • Social Movement Developmental model - sample of a filled in planning document
  • Social Movement Developmental model - question to demostrate impact
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