Advocacy Evaluation Project

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Innovation Network, Inc. (Innonet)

The Advocacy Evaluation Project, orchestrated by Innovation Network (Innonet), began in 2005 to move the field of advocacy evaluation beyond assessing policy change into one that considers more fundamental and contributory components of advocacy efforts: capacity building, network formation, relationship building, communication, issue framing, and leadership development. In Phase I  the Advocacy Evaluation Resource Center was created. Now a part of Innonet's Point K Learning Center (which requires a free login), the Resource Center is a database . Each resouce has one page per item that includes a summary of the resource and descriptions of the intended audience, publication date, topic, and applicable region. Each page then links to the relevant website or allows users to download the resource as a pdf. It also has a section for user ratings and comments so those who browse can read about others' experiences with the resource. The Advocacy Evaluation Project also has a periodical called Advocacy Evaluation Update. Current and back issues can be accessed through the website. At the Evaluation Resources section of this site (there are three sections of resources, one of which is evaluation), which contains 130 items, a search for the term "indicators" generated 11 items that is likely to be over 300 pages of material. This was not examined extensively due to its detail and length. However, based on the quality of other items in the section, it is likely to provide useful material for those working in arts-based civic engagement.

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