Marty Pottenger

Artist Statement: 

Since 1975, writer, performer, director and activist Marty Pottenger has created performances, plays, arts-based civic dialogues, and community arts projects throughout the United States and Europe. A former union activist, Board Chair of the American Festival Project and member of Heresies magazine core collective, Pottenger moved to Portland Maine in 2007 to launch Art At Work, a national initiative to strengthen cities and improve municipal government through strategic arts projects involving city employees, elected officials, community leaders, and local artists.

Pottenger's other projects have also received incredible attention. The New York Times described her OBIE-winning “City Water Tunnel #3" as“Lyrical...speaking with intimate knowledge, and yes, even love...a blending of Studs Terkel, Anna Deavere Smith and Pete Seeger.” ABUNDANCE, written from interviews with 30 millionaires and 30 minimum wage workers, was selected as one of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s 'Ten best plays of 2003'.




Arts & Equity Initiative City Hall, RM 208
389 Congress Street
Portland, MEO4101