Working Films


602 South Fifth Ave
Wilmington, NC28401
Organization Type: 
Service Organization
Programs and Services: 

Working Films links nonfiction film to cutting edge activism. The goal is to leverage the storytelling power of documentary film to advance the efforts of social, economic, human and civil rights, and environmental justice. Working Films offers consultation, strategic planning for alternative distribution, website and social media development, and complete campaign management services to filmmakers to ensure the content of nonfiction media truly meets the intention for change. It offers a variety of training programs including: Reel Education, a residential workshop designed to help filmmakers and non-profit organizations leverage the power of films that document some of the most significant problems that unfold every day in schools across the United States and the world. This week-long training nurtures the work of filmmakers who are grantees of The Fledgling Fund and Chicken & Egg Pictures, assuring their films are used strategically to engage educators, parents, youth, policy makers and others in action to improve the quality of education in their communities and in the nation as a whole. Reel Engagement: Managing Social Issue Film Campaigns Working Films and The Fledgling Fund have launched an innovative four-day hands-on workshop designed for individuals who are interested in developing the skills necessary to be Engagement Coordinators; designing and managing creative and impactful audience and community engagement campaigns for independent social issue documentary films or media projects.